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B-Y Baits plastics work because they are designed to mimic the actual bugs fish feed on.  Even on tough fishing days you will be able to find the right style and color combination to trigger a reaction and get those fish to bite.  Each of our baits are scent infused with our own secret blend of fish attracting pheromones and enzymes that will draw fish in and make them bite.  The endless presentations you can fish with B-Y Baits plastics make them a very versatile bait for all species.  




Check out some of the tips and techniques used by the B-Y BAITS Pro Staff that will help entice even the pickiest of fish.

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Hooking Your B-Y BAITS Plastics


Generally, we like to hook each B-Y BAITS plastic in a couple places to help keep the lure on the hook for multiple bites.  We suggest using a #12-14 or 3-4mm size jig or hook, in the lightest weight you can use to still reach the bottom.  Once you zero in on the hot bait for the day you can catch over a dozen fish on the same plastic. 


First: Push the hook through the top-dead-center of the lure and come out the other side.


Second:  Slide the head of the lure up to the top of your jig.


Third:  Slide your hook through the lure near the end of the body and flatten out as much as possible.


You want your lure to sit as horizontal as possible in the water.  Before you drop your lure down, dance it in the water and make sure it is horizontal and not spinning circles.  You want the lure to continually face the same direction as you jig.

Jigging Techniques


B-Y BAITS plastics usually work best when kept in a subtle, constant jigging motion.  In some cases a slight pause can be used to trigger a bite, but if paused for too long the "gig is usually up" and the fish will lose interest.  We recommend using a spring bobber for not only more sensitivity to feel those light bites, but to help keep the lure moving in a light, fluid motion. 


The same technique doesn't necessarily work from one day to another, for example some days the fish will not chase your bait more than a foot off the bottom.  Once you know where this ceiling is, raise the fish to that point and continue the subtle jigging motion until you get a strike.  Other days the fish will follow your bait up multiple feet in the water column and you need to "make it a chase the fish will win" to entice a bite. 


One thing is certain, once you figure out what sparks that interest in the fish, you will catch them one after another on B-Y BAITS plastics!

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Color Selection


We suggest starting with one of our UV colors to make sure your bait is being seen.  Once you can get fish to consistently check it out and happen to shy away, then move to a more natural color or downsize.  If you have multiple fish staring down your lure, and you can't get them to bite by perfecting your jigging techniques, try a different color with a similar brightness.  For example, if you started with white, try a different bright color like orange, green, pink, etc.  If you're using a brown try a purple, silver, red etc.  If fish seem to rush to the bait but quickly turn it down and move on, try a different profile since that color is getting some attention.


If the fishing slows during different periods of the day, many times it is due to the amount of light reaching the fish.  Sometimes all it takes is a simple color change to keep putting those slabs on the ice!

Attention to Detail


Paying attention to the most minute details of your presentation is key.  B-Y BAITS seem to work best when kept as horizontal as possible and there are a few things you can do to keep them in that orientation.  First, select a jig that is weighted to dangle in the horizontal position.  Second, move your knot towards the shank side of the eyelet on your jig, this will also help.  Usually after every fish it's a good idea to move your knot back to this position. 


It's small details like this that can be the difference between getting skunked or filling your bucket!



Common Presentations


Everyone always asks us, "What type of presentation do you use for your B-Y Baits?".  Honestly, the possibilities are endless.  Here are some pictures of presentations that have worked for us.  We are constantly experimenting with new ways to hook our plastics and many times trying new things can be key to success.  Tungsten jigs, slender spoons, little cecils, vertical jigs and bare hooks can all be used to present our plastics.  The key is figuring out what the fish want on that particular day. 



How to choose which style?



With so many different styles of B-Y Baits plastics to choose from, how do you choose which one to use?  The style of bait used is determined by how aggressive the fish are that day.  Once you find a color that seems to peak their interest.  You can fine tune your presentation by using the style that best matches the mood of the fish.  For example, if the fish are extremely aggressive you will want to use a big, "loud" bait to help keep the small ones away.  Where on tough bites you will want to use something smaller that can trigger finicky bites.  The chart on the left is a good reference to start with.


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