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Our baits are carefully designed to mimic the tiny critters fish can't resist.  Every style and color of B-Y BAITS are like adding another weapon to your fishing arsenal.  When that day on the water comes when traditional baits just aren't cutting it, better hope you have a selection of B-Y BAITS in your tackle box to trigger even the most stubborn fish to bite!

Best finesse plastics available

The B-Y BAITS WaterBug is one of our first and most successful baits.  Time and time again it has proven itself, in many different situations, to effectively entice fish to bite.  This is our "go-to" search lure when trying to locate fish due to its uncanny ability to call fish from a distance.  Often times, when located, the B-Y BAITS WaterBug is all that is needed to start bringing those fish topside!

Best finesse plastics available

The B-Y BAITS MudBug was designed to effectively imitate the tiny larvae that hatch out of the vast mud-flats present in most lakes and rivers.  This bait works best bounced off the bottom to stir up the sediment, just like actual larvae do when hatching out of the mud.  It's life-like action and appearance make the B-Y BAITS MudBug irresistable to any fish species!

Best finesse plastics available

The B-Y BAITS SuperMinnow is perfect for those days when the fishing is fast and furious and you want a bait that will focus on catching the larger fish.  By up-sizing to a bigger plastic, you can quickly attract the big fish you are after, without messing around with all the small ones that are ready to scoop up the first thing in sight.   The B-Y BAITS SuperMinnow immitates a meal fit for that wall hanger you have been pursuing all season long!

Best finesse plastics available

The B-Y BAITS BloodWorm is an offering for those pesky fish who have turned down everything else in your arsenal.  Often times all it takes is a smaller, simpler plastic to make them bite.  The swimming tail action of the B-Y BAITS BloodWorm has proven deadly even when all other baits have failed!


Best finesse plastics avaialable

The B-Y BAITS MayFly immitates one of the most abundant insect larvae found in our home state of Wisconsin.  This bait is specifically designed for those picky fish residing in waters with above average water clarity.  I challenge you to find a more realistic looking soft-plastic than the B-Y BAITS MayFly!

Best finesse plastics available

The B-Y BAITS MegaMudBug is new for 2014!  Because it is a little bit larger bait, it is designed to catch those bigger, more aggressive fish.  With a bigger body than our current MudBug, it can be a killer for open-water fishing those spawning bluegills and crappies.  Be sure to add the B-Y BAITS MegaMudBug to your fishing arsenal!


The B-Y BAITS FreshWaterShrimp is a prime example of adapting a bait to "match the hatch" of specific locations.  This bait is designed to conquer those waters where fishing can be extremely difficult because of the abundance of a natural food supply.  Often times, when fresh-water shrimp are present, fish have no interest in feeding on anything but these tasty little morsels.  Look no further than the B-Y BAITS FreshWaterShrimp to fool those predators into taking a mouthfull of plastic!


The B-Y BAITS BoatmanBug is designed to mimic the oar-like swimming motion of the Water Boatman.  By fishing this bait in a vertical presentation, you can imitate its trips to the surface to breathe when they are most vulnerable to predation.  With over 500 species worldwide, the BoatmanBug is a popular forage in many ponds, lakes and other slow moving bodies of water.  The B-Y Baits BoatmanBug is another great profile to help you "match the hatch" and fool those fish into biting!

Mosquito Larvae

The B-Y BAITS Mosquito Larvae was created to match the profile of one of the most common bugs found in the waters all across the ice belt.  This is our smallest, most detailed profile that is designed to fool picky panfish into biting.  Fish are genetically programmed to eat these little critters and that means more fish on the end of your line!


The B-Y BAITS BabyGill is our first bait designed specifically for use in open water.  Its detailed body was modeled after a young-of-the-year bluegill and the over-sized twister tail produces incredible action.  Add the newest B-Y Baits product to your open-water arsenal and get ready to put some fish in the boat!

DragonFly Lavae

The B-Y BAITS DragonFly Larvae is a carbon copy of the real thing and the field results have been off the charts.  The realism and exaggerated leg motion makes this latest bait a show stopper!

The B-Y BAITS ScudBug has an incredible side profile that fish can't resist.  This bait was modeled after the many types of scud and fresh-water shrimp found across the country.  The ScudBug features a hinged tail to mimic the swimming motion of these aquatic insects and will help put more fish on your line!


The B-Y BAITS BabyGill was designed to match the profile of a young-of-the-year Bluegill.  This is a popular forage for perch, crappies and even gamefish like walleyes and bass.  The oversized twister tail moves water to create vibrations that call fish from a distance.  Add that to the lifelike profile and this bait is a winner.  Pair with a small jig to slow retrieve or twitch below a float and get ready to get bit!

UV Storm

All styles of B-Y BAITS are available in 12 standard colors.


- White

- Brown

- Lumina Copper

- Black

- Fluorescent Orange + UV Additive

- Purple

- Red

- Minnow Silver

- Pearl Pink

- Fluorescent Green + UV Additive

- Blue + UV Additive

- Glow Green + UV Additive


Other colors available upon request.


Because B-Y BAITS control every step of the process, we have the ability to make custom baits and custom colors.  We design our own baits, cut our own molds, mix our own colors and shoot our own plastics right here in Muscoda, WI!

Bait shop owners:  If you are interested in purchasing our products for your shop, please send us an email (

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