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Not sure what B-Y Baits to start with?  Not a problem, the B-Y Baits team can help...


The B-Y Baits Starter Kit includes a mix of 13 packs of our favorite plastics to get you catching fish!  These profiles and colors were carefully selected by owners Brandon and Darrin as some of their favorite baits that they want to see on the end of your line!


WaterBug in White

WaterBug in Red

Mosquito Larvae in Pearl Pink

Mosquito Larvae in Lumina Copper

MudBug in Purple

MudBug in Glow Green UV

MegaMudBug in Fluorescent Green UV

MegaMudBug in Pearl Pink

BoatmanBug in Glow Green UV

MayFly in Minnow Silver

MayFly in Brown

BloodWorm in Red

FreshwaterShrimp in Fluorescent Orange UV


B-Y Baits Starter Kit

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