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The ultimate mix of colors and profiles!


The B-Y Baits Pro Pack includes 26 packs of the hottest plastics on the market!


WaterBug in Fluorescent Green UV

WaterBug in Purple

WaterBug in Glow Green UV

BoatmanBug in Red

BoatmanBug in Fluorescent Orange UV

BoatmanBug in Glow Green UV

Mosquito Larvae in Motor Oil

Mosquito Larvae in Lumina Copper

MudBug in Purple

MudBug in Brown

MudBug in Fluorescent Orange UV

MegaMudBug in Purple

MegaMudBug in Pearl Pink

Dragonfly Larvae in Fluorescent Orange UV

Dragonfly Larvae in Motor Oil

ScudBug in Lumina Copper

ScudBug in Purple

ScudBug in Fluorescent Green UV

MayFly in Minnow Silver

MayFly in Brown

MayFly in Motor Oil

BloodWorm in Red

Bloodworm in Black

Microspike in Pumpkin Pepper

FreshwaterShrimp in Fluorescent Orange UV

FreshwaterShrimp in Fluorescent Green UV

B-Y Baits Pro Pack

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